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Manulife Calling Employees Back to the Halifax Office

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Check out Tara's interview by the Chronicle Herald!

"When COVID-19 arrived on Nova Scotia’s doorstep, it seemed to catch everyone off guard, including large organizations that usually plan for things like a global pandemic.

It wasn’t long before the spread of the potentially deadly virus affected our way of life.

Some were immediately laid off as employers tried to grapple with an overnight change in how they made money. For many still working, going to the office became optional and working from home became a necessity.

Companies started bringing some employees back to the workplace, and now more are voicing a desire to get people back to the office.

One such business, Manulife Financial, is one of the largest employers in Halifax. That company has started bringing employees back to its building on Joseph Howe Drive in phases."

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