David Westcott


David Westcott is a second-year J.D. student at the University of Ottawa. In his first year, David participated in the Nelligan O'Brien Payne Moot Court Competition and volunteered as an Assistant Editor to the Ottawa Law Review. In addition to his position with Remote Law Canada, David has worked as a Research Assistant to Professors Amy Salyzyn and Jacquelyn Burkell, as well as completed a Public Interest Lawyering Fellowship. Prior to starting law school, David earned a B.A. in Psychology from Queen's University, where he also worked in student affairs as a Residence Don, and Senior Residence Don. Following graduation, David continued as a Community Advisor at the Durham College/Ontario Tech University Residence, and spent four incredible months working as an English teacher in rural France before eventually landing in Ottawa to pursue his dream career as a lawyer. When not working or studying, David enjoys travelling, playing hockey, playing baseball, and following ice dance! 

Feriel Latrous

Feriel Latrous is a third-year law student in the dual degree program of Political Science and Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa. In addition to her summer position with Remote Law Canada, Feriel currently works at the Department of Justice within Public Law and Legislative Services. Prior to law school, Feriel spent many years working for the Government of Canada, in multiple human resources roles at Infrastructure Canada and the Privy Council Office. Feriel is an active member of her school community, and her interest in employment and labour law drew her to join the Employment and Labour Law Student Society. Feriel is also an active member of the Middle Eastern Law Student Society and is involved in the Social, French, and Translation committees. Feriel's keen interest in litigation awarded her second place during her first-year Moot court competition. In her free time, Feriel enjoys staying active by practicing new yoga skills, playing soccer, running, and biking!

Surina Bhawnani

Surina Bhawnani is a third-year student at Humber College currently completing her B.A. in Paralegal Studies, to soon secure her Paralegal License. Prior to pursuing her Paralegal Studies, Surina studied Criminology, while also working in multiple sales and customer service roles. Surina's passion for Employment Law peaked after discovering the diverse areas of law involved in each file. Surina assists through all stages of the litigation process. In her spare time, Surina enjoys hiking rocky trails, studying courtroom dramas, experiencing international culture through food, and listening to podcasts.

Quinn Scarlett

Quinn Scarlett is entering his second year of the Common Law program at the University of Ottawa. Prior to starting law school, Quinn worked abroad for an international NGO in Lima, Peru, helping to facilitate development projects across South America and build client relationships in Canada. Quinn received his BSc in Biology from Queen's University, where he also served as the Director of one of the largest mental health advocacy bodies on campus and a student researcher in the Department of Psychiatry. Quinn is passionate about wellness advocacy and serves as an executive for Elephant in the Room in the faculty of law and hosts his own successful weekly podcast, The Framework Project, on similar topics. Having spent significant time working in Spain and Norway, Quinn hopes to work in an intersection of litigation and private international law, with prospects of starting his own firm one day. Quinn loves triathlons, ultimate frisbee, and getting outside as much as possible.  

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