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The Great Resignation: The Future of Law Firms in Canada

On June 15, 2022, Tara joined the LegalTech Summit to discuss macro trends in the legal industry.

Moderated by Anand Ablack, vice-president of the North American Legal Markets at Advanced, panel members explored the effects of the great resignation, the cultural shifts created and how it changed lawyers’ new priorities. The roundtable also focused on the role of technology in the future of law firms.

Principal lawyer and founder of Remote Law Canada, Tara Vasdani, said her approach to building and operating a hybrid or remote law firm has also been through technology.

COVID propelled the use of legal tech and made it a staple in any law firm looking to survive the pandemic and operate well, Vasdani said.

With companies like Alexei on the market, law firms can use artificial intelligence for legal research, and tech has permitted lawyers to operate remotely or on a hybrid or flexible model.

Vasdani said she created her law firm based on a fascination with how employment legislation or the common law deals with flexible employees, which can become complicated when dealing with a digital nomad. She receives questions from managing partners on the role of law students if law firms use AI for legal processes, and she says law firms can employ students for billable work.

She says her law firm assists organizations with avoiding some common pitfalls associated with having employees work remotely, such as not having an effective remote work policy.

“I think about how law firms will move forward, and my perspective was always that you must meet the clients where they are. So if clients are used to efficient and on-demand services, implementing these technologies into your practice to create that landscape will make your law firm, much more accessible and potentially a better place to work.”

Read a full recap of the panel, here:

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