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Tara appears on the Digital Boss Babe Podcast: Meet the Lawyer Pioneering the Remote Work Movement

Tara’s law firm is exclusively remote and thrives on using legal technology and artificial intelligence to more efficiently serve clients, and encourage the remote work movement. Prior to founding Remote Law Canada, Tara practiced civil, subrogation and employment litigation in Toronto’s premier law firms. Today, she assists business owners, employees and legal tech companies with understanding their legal obligations, to eventually – GO REMOTE.

Here are some things we talk about:

1. Tara’s journey from employee to remote working pioneer

2. The difference between a digital nomad and remote worker

3. Issues that can arise from remote working

4. Benefits, safety and legal considerations for creating a fair workplace

5. Why productivity, loyalty and savings are the biggest benefits 

6. Jurisdictional Disputes: Dealing with international conflicts

7. How to propose remote working to your employerWhy remote working is the future of work

Links from this episode:

Twitter: @TaraVasdani

Instagram: @TaraVasdani

LinkedIn: @TaraVasdani

If you’re ready for actionable strategies and tactics you can utilize instantly to empower and grow your distributed team, whether you run a remote-first organization or a remote team within a hybrid or traditional company, meet Tara Vasdani at Running Remote 2020

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