Remote Law Canada celebrates One-Year Anniversary!

Tara Vasdani:

In complete awe, I am thrilled to announce that today marks ONE YEAR since the start of our law firm, Remote Law Canada!!!!!!!

With nothing but a desire to maintain great client relationships, unwavering confidence in myself, a passion for learning and development, and perseverance - we are celebrating success!

Remote Law Canada started its operations by setting a precedent in the bankruptcy industry, transitioned into multiple speaking engagements with global tech & financial giants about remote work, legal tech, and artificial intelligence, and continued its work in the remote space - before the pandemic.

In one year, we have built a firm that is founded on authenticity and genuineness, and those values will remain. To everyone who has supported the firm that I love so much along the way, THANK YOU!!! It has been an absolute blast, and I look very forward to building the firm for many, many years to come!

for many, many years to come!


Remote Law Canada