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COVID-19: Legally Speaking

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

As the world braces for a wider spread of the novel coronavirus, health officials are warning business leaders to prepare for managing a workforce that can't come into the workplace.

COVID-19 has already delivered a heavy blow to the business sector, sending global financial markets reeling and bringing economic activity in China - the world's second largest economy - to a complete standstill.

At Remote Law Canada, we have prepared the legal tools necessary to effectively transition your workforce to remote. These include:

• Robust Remote Work Policies

• Remote Employment Agreements

• Independent Contractor Agreements

• Health and Safety Checklists, and Ergonomic Assessments

• Employment Standards Review

• Tax Advice

• Remote Work Handbooks

• Employment Insurance

• Employee Benefit Programs for Remote Employees

• Legal & HR Compliance

If your organization is struggling with business continuity, contact us. As the number of confirmed cases increase, there are small steps that business leaders who want to stay operational amid the outbreak can do now to get ahead of the curve.

Through the use of well-crafted legal documents, we can help you to focus on the key aspects necessary to ensure your team works well as a distributed team.

Contact us today.

Contact us today.

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